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Airflo 40+ Distance Fly Lines


Product Details

Everyone can cast like a pro with this distance fly line. Its compact head and a low-stretch core transfers more energy to your casting loop.


  • Sink rate: 1.5 ips.
  • Construction

  • Floating: 35' high floating head is designed with a taper that cuts through the wind.
  • Saltwater Fast Intermediate: 30' clear head is compact and easy to handle.
  • Turns over large saltwater flies easily.
  • Airflo's core and coating work great in all but the hottest conditions.
  • Freshwater Fast Intermediate: 35' clear head is a great choice for large streamers.
  • This line loads today's fast action rods quickly.
  • Additional Features

  • Weight forward head and level running line are different colors to help less experienced casters.
  • Thin running line rarely tangles.
  • Made in England.
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