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Point 65N Modular Pieces for Mercury GTX Touring Kayak


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Point 65N’s modular kayaks for touring are unmatched in their versatility—make the most of your trip with these snap-in pieces so you can get in the water without delay. Available in three versions: front, stern and middle.



  • Dimensions: 5'2" x 23.6".
  • Weight: approx. 24 lb.
  • Middle

  • Dimensions: 4'7" x 23.6".
  • Stern

  • Dimensions: 5'3" x 23.6".
  • Construction

  • Durable UV-resistant polyethylene.
  • Additional Features

  • Modular pieces snap together quickly and easily.
  • Great for easy storage and transport.
  • Middle piece can be used to turn your solo into a tandem boat.
  • Imported.
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    5 / 5
    June 5, 2019
    Fits your mood
    Being modular, this will let you kayak solo, tandem, or even as a three seater. Whatever mood or situation you're in, it works. I also love the... more
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    5 / 5
    June 3, 2016
    Point 65N Mercury GTX Review
    This is a very interesting kayak. When in 3 separate pieces, the bow fits into the cockpit, making it 2 pieces that fit in a small SUV. It takes a little... more
    Auburn, Maine
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    IowegianViking June 29, 2016
    I bought an earlier model from another party that didn't have the inflatable adjustable seat like this one apparently does. You need the later model like this one with the adjustable seat to be comfortable because you lean back too much on the earlier model. It moves through the water efficiently. The LLBean video on how to put the pieces together is the best; the instructions that came with mine didn't say how after you join the front piece (bow to midsection, then midsection to stern) you have abruptly lift up the rear section (lift midsection connected to bow and stern to midsection) to have the pop into place. Once you've put it together once or twice it will only take you one to two minutes to put it together or take it apart. Also there are two types of midsections. One to make it a solo. and a different tandem midsection that goes behind and in front of the solo midsection. No advertisement differentiates the two. Point65 customer service in Sweden is very helpful. As a demonstration Point 65 once attached 99 tandem midsections together with the solo midsection and bow and stern to make a 100 person kayak. This easily fits into my Toyota Highlander with the back seat down. I found the kayak stable; however I'm a novice so have nothing to compare it with
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