Return Instructions
Thule Hitch-Style Bike Racks

Hitching Post Pro (WD75, WD76, WD77, WD78, YL05, BBG9, BBH1, BBH2, BBH3, BBH4)
Expressway (WD72, WD73, BBH5, BBH6)
Trailblazer (998, 998xt)

  1. Place the rack in a shipping container and return to the address shown below. Please print and fill out the address form below and enclose it with the rack when you make your return.
  2. If you decide to return your bike rack, please complete and enclose this form in the package. You may also simply write this information on a sheet of paper you enclose with the bike rack; for the efficient processing of your return, please write "Thule Recall" at the top of the sheet.
  3. Please call our Customer Satisfaction department at 800-555-9717 to arrange for a FedEx® pickup of your bike rack.
Your name:
Mailing address:
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What resolution would you prefer?
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  •  Credit the credit card used to make purchase
  •  Refund Check

Please send to:

L.L.Bean Returns
Thule Hitch-Style Bike Rack
3 Campus Drive
Freeport, ME 04034

Again, please remember to include a copy of the completed form above with your item(s). If you need any other assistance in making the return, please call 800-555-9717.