Garmin n�vi model number 250w, 755T, 760 or 780
(L.L.Bean# 0GBR2, 0GBR3, 0GQV8, 0HNA4)

Dear Valued L.L.Bean Customer,

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Our records show you purchased or received the Garmin n�vi model number 250w, 755T, 760 or 780 (L.L.Bean# 0GBR2, 0GBR3, 0GQV8, 0HNA4) sold by L.L.Bean between February 13, 2008 and August 11, 2010. In cooperation with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), Garmin� is recalling for repair certain models of the n�vi brand of portable automotive GPS products due to a potential risk of the battery overheating.

Garmin has identified potential overheating issues when certain batteries, manufactured by a third-party battery supplier, within a limited date code range, are used in certain Garmin n�vi models with a specific printed circuit board (PCB) design. The interaction of these factors can, in rare circumstances, increase the possibility of overheating, which may lead to a fire hazard.

Determine your n�vi model number by looking at the label on the back or bottom of your n�vi. You must provide this and other information to determine whether your n�vi is affected by this recall.

If you do not have access to the web site, call 866-957-1981 toll free in the United States with your n�vi serial number to determine if your n�vi is affected.

To easily and quickly determine whether your n�vi is affected, go to

If you purchased this product as a gift, please pass this information on or call us at 800-555-9717, and we will send this letter to the gift recipient.

All of us at L.L.Bean are firmly committed to providing our customers with the best in products and service. We regret any inconvenience this has caused; however, your safety is most important to us. Please let us know if you have any questions regarding this safety notification.


Lisa Plummer
Vice President
Customer Satisfaction